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New knowledge for the new world

A look at the world drama with the third eye of knowledge…

That was how Vyacheslav Petrovich Maltsev began his story. A scientist, candidate of technical science, professor and author of many scientific works and inventions is now a student of the World Spiritual University…

Interviewer Sonia Ivanova: Vyacheslav Petrovich, I’d like to understand how could you, professor, a scientist, whose age is past 70, suddenly decide to become a student again! But not in the traditional – in a Spiritual university? Tell me about yourself!

V.P.M. In 1963 I graduated from Moscow construction engineering Institute. From 1963 until 1997 I had worked in the Black Sea Department of Moscow Scientific Institute of the seashore protection constructions. Having started as a researcher probationer my final position was at the head of Hydraulic modelling Laboratory. Up to 2000 I was a director of the joint-stock company “Volna” (“Wave”). My health induced me to retire and take to public activities.

S.I. Your experience of life and work is great. And what new and unknown things have you learned in the World Spiritual University?

V.P.M. When working I just did not have time to think about things going on around us, about the Divine beginning of being. As a pensioner with much more spare time, I started to acquire knowledge. I learned about the World Spiritual University Brahma Kumaris, which has had a branch in Sochi since 1992. The very first visit there impressed me with the culture of intercourse, warm and quiet atmosphere, efficient learning process organization. And most of all with spiritual and highly moral direction of information, given to the students with great love right from the origin – Father God, the World Benefactor. All these touched my heart and mind and made me a regular University student.

In the process of learning my task was intuitively defined – to show the scientists, with the help of my own example, the way to reveal one’s true essence and to establish the world harmony. The direction of my search was given by Supreme Father’s words: “Father reveals son and the son presents Father”. Nowadays the revolutionary development of technologies increases degradation of human consciousess. How is a Man, a human being to be saved? For this purpose the Immaterial Spiritual Divine Father of all souls (a point ofn light) reveals his son (bodily Brahma or Adam), while Son and his creations reveal Father as the Ocean of knowledge, Ocean of virtues and forces, cleansing all sins. From here comes a conclusion of a divine nature of a Man. High frequency (information) waves of our thoughts can be used in future in the process of transformation of oneself and the whole world. Supreme Father shows us this possibility on the examples of nanotechnologies and psi-technologies. If we want the harmony of physical and spiritual worlds, it is necessary to change one’s own spiritual and moral qualities by learning the laws of the universe. Having acquired spiritual qualities of Father through love and memory of Him (that is frequency resonance), there appear divine possibilities to be always content and happy, to do everything you wish and when you wish.

S.I. Who is Brahma Kumaris and how is his name connected with The World Spiritual University? Where is this university and what kind of knowledge does it give?

S.I. What is the essence of “divine knowledge”? And why do you think it is impossible to see with ordinary eyes “the world drama”, as you call it. What drama do you mean by that? With what eyes do you look at it?

V.P.M. The essence of knowledge is that soul is primary and our body is just a cover, which we leave and change for another. When a man is born, he does not remember the details of his former lives, but keeps a memory of them subconsciously. We are born in different families, we differ from one another in character, aspirations and talents. Why do we feel sometimes that a person we have just met, has been already known to us? Modern science cannot explain this, but almost everybody knows this feeling. The answer to this question is given by Radja yoga. Radja yoga meditation allows us to make the most significant trip into oneself, to our genuine original ‘I’. Meditation relaxes our mind and gives it a possibility to understand spiritual laws and principles, which create harmony and can give a natural renovation of life on Earth.

The essence of knowledge about world drama is the fact, that the man has forgotten his initial perfect state and is immersing into material world, having become totally dependent of it. The wish to receive pleasure from material things resulted in natural resources exhaustion, wars, social and natural cataclysms, fear and human degradation. But the world drama is cyclic, it never ends. The clock hands keep on moving, after night comes the dawn of a new day. With perception of itself, the human soul comes to remember its perfect state and, uniting with Source, fill itself with His energy and force. And after that paradise comes back to Earth.

Simply speaking, in meditation there comes union with Supreme Soul, the man starts to see with the third eye: who he is and why he has come into this world. A man is a conscious essence (soul), installed in a bodily cover, consisting of five elements of physical world. A body is just a temporary house for eternal soul, constantly changing in the course of world drama.

V.P.Maltsev’s sites:

www.vmalcev.ru Stages of the Path to Comprehend the Divine Nature of Man

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